Troubleshooting Initial Setup

Configuration failed? Follow these steps to get your Smart Oil Gauge connected:
  1. Start by checking that the batteries are seated properly. Pop open the battery box, take them out, put them back in, and turn the device back on. You should briefly see a red light illuminate deep down inside of the device.
  2. Verify that the WiFi password will be accepted on your phone. Go to Settings>WiFi on your phone, then choose the network you’re connected to. Click on the network and hit ‘Forget this network’. Then, rejoin the network and type in the password. If it rejoins successfully, go to step 3.
  3. Follow the instructions in the app to add a sensor to your account. Type in the password for your WiFi network when prompted, and hit continue.
  4. Press the button twice just like the Mickey Mouse hand. Look for the red light – it should come on three times total when you hit the button. If it does, press continue. If not, turn the device off then on, wait 5 seconds, and try pressing the button again like the Mickey Mouse hand, then hit continue.
  5. If configuration still fails, please follow the alternate setup method here:

Still having trouble? Email us at:, or call our support line at 203-456-1499.

Please leave a message if calling after hours or over the weekend and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Our technical support is second to none and we will get you up and running!!

Gauge Reading Full

I set up my gauge and it's reading Full. It's also not showing any usage, what can I do?
  • First, verify that you tightened the gauge in using a PIPE WRENCH*. If the gauge is not threaded in far enough, the sensor can read Full. *Note: a pipe wrench is not necessary if the 1.5" or Roth adapter is being used.
  • Second, ensure that you did not use Teflon tape on the threads. Teflon tape can break down and end up in the oil over time, and can also prevent the Smart Oil Gauge from adequately threading into the tank. 
  • Third, ensure you did not use any home-made adapters to fit the Smart Oil Gauge on your tank. If you have a 1.5" fitting, you will need our adapter which is designed to allow the sensor to see directly into the tank without any interference.
  • Finally, is your tank actually full? If so, the Smart Oil Gauge will register Full and not show any usage until the oil level lowers a few inches. Once it does, it will begin displaying a precise reading again, and showing you usage statistics.

Updating WiFi Credentials

I changed my router / updated my WiFi password, how can I update my WiFi settings on the Smart Oil Gauge?
  • Open the app and navigate to the My Tanks page. For iOS devices, hit the ‘+’ in the top right; for Android devices, select ‘Sensor Setup’ and follow the instructions to update WiFi. The app will ask you if you are setting up a new gauge, or just updating WiFi; select update WiFi and you are all set!

Changing the Batteries

What is the procedure for changing the batteries? What kind of batteries does the Smart Oil Gauge take?
  • The Smart Oil Gauge takes two Saft LS14500 3.6 V lithium AA batteries, which are readily available online. The batteries can last up to several years, depending on WiFi strength, Upload Interval, and other factors. Set your Upload Interval to 24 to maximize battery life. THE SMART OIL GAUGE WILL NOT WORK WITH REGULAR AAs.
  • To change the batteries, simply turn the device off and remove the battery box. Slide it open, remove the batteries and install the new ones. Power the device on and confirm you see a red light deep down inside. It will illuminate briefly upon power up. The device should automatically reconnect to WiFi and upload a new reading once the new batteries are installed. Refresh your app to look for a new reading.
  • You can order replacement batteries from us here