Special Adapter for Tanks with 1.25″ NPT Fittings


Use this specially designed adapter when installing a Smart Oil Gauge in a non-standard 1.25″ NPT opening. Note: this is the LEAST COMMON fitting size, so be sure to measure your opening before ordering.

The 1.25″ NPT adapter is designed to thread directly into one of the four openings on top of the oil tank. It is not intended to be threaded into a float gauge / vent alarm combo.

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Do you need to install the Smart Oil Gauge in a smaller 1.25″ NPT opening?  If so, you will need this specially designed adapter. The adapter features an internal guide cone to help the sound wave from the sensor make its way down to the oil without interference.  Off-the-shelf reducers will cause interference and the Smart Oil Gauge will not work.

How do you know if you need a 1.25″ adapter for your Smart Oil Gauge? Most tanks DO NOT need this, as all four openings across the top of the tank are standard 2″ NPT.

  • If your fitting measures 2.375″ across, you DO NOT need an adapter. This is the most common fitting size.
  • If your fitting measures approximately 1.9″ across, you need the 1.5″ NPT adapter.
  • If your fitting measures approximately 1.5″ across, you need the 1.25″ NPT adapter (LEAST COMMON).
  • If you have a boxy tank with plastic fittings on top, this is most likely a Roth Double-Wall Tank. You will need a Roth adapter for this style tank.

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