Smart Oil Gauge Duo – Indoor Use Only


Introducing the Smart Oil Gauge Duo – the most precise oil tank sensor available. With over 50,000 satisfied Smart Oil Gauge users, we’ve been hard at work to develop our next generation Smart Oil Gauge. After many prototype iterations, the Smart Oil Gauge Duo was born.

With the Duo’s dual ultrasonic sensor design, we’ve fully eliminated the blind spot at the top of the tank. This means you can track how many gallons were delivered to your tank – even if you had the tank topped off.

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What’s so special about the Duo? Smart Oil Gauge Duo uses two ultrasonic sensors instead of one to detect the level of heating oil in your tank. This reduces the minimum operating range from 8″ to 0″! Why does this matter? This means we can measure the oil level all the way to the top of the tank. If you have your tank “topped off”, the oil level will still be in range for the Duo, so you’ll be able to tell how many gallons were delivered. With a single sensor, if the oil is within the top 8″ of the tank, the sensor will just read Full or give a false reading. We call this the blind spot or dead zone.

There is NO BLIND SPOT at the top of the oil tank with the Smart Oil Gauge Duo. As such, you’ll know how much oil was in your tank before and after a delivery, even if the tank was topped off.

The Duo also has an all-new modular housing that seals the entire assembly from the outside. If you need to remove the Duo to bring it close to the router for setup, you can leave the body installed in the tank, and just carry the internal housing to the router. If you have a moist environment such as a damp basement, the sealed assembly will keep the electronics nice and dry.

And just as with the regular Smart Oil Gauge, you can order heating oil anytime – right through our app!

  • REMOTE MONITORING: Keep track of your oil tank from your phone – anytime,  anywhere.
  • DUO DUAL SENSOR TECHNOLOGY: With an operating range of 0 to 72″, Smart Oil Gauge Duo will precisely track your tank level from empty to full.
  • LOW-LEVEL ALERTS: Get alerted via text, email, and push notifications when your tank is running low and it’s time to order oil.
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR USAGE: Monitor your heating oil usage throughout the day and adjust the thermostat to conserve heating oil.
  • UNPARALLELED COMPATIBILITY: For vertical and horizontal tanks, Smart Oil Gauge Duo will provide precise readings top to bottom. Compatible with 138, 220, 220, 240, 275, 330, 500, 550 gallon above ground tanks. Also compatible with Roth 400L, 620L, 1000L, 1000LH using our Roth adapter. (not compatible with Roth 1500L).
  • DESIGNED AND ASSEMBLED IN THE USA: Engineered and assembled right in Danbury, CT, USA!
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALEXA: Just say Alexa, Ask Smart Oil Gauge how much oil we have and she’ll tell you. You can even ask when you’ll need oil next!

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