Our Story

The Smart Oil Gauge® was built by a couple of CT natives - Steve Williams and Joe Mygatt - who wanted a better way to manage their heating oil. If only we knew how much oil was in the tank, we could buy oil on our own terms, and wouldn’t be stuck with the unpredictable delivery tickets that would show up in the mailbox every few weeks.

With that in mind, the idea for the Smart Oil Gauge was born. A few prototypes later and we could now check our tank anytime, anywhere, just by looking at an app on our phone (….it was actually just a website when we first launched!!). It would send us a text and e-mail when the tank was low, letting us know it’s time to shop for oil. And best of all, it would show us – by the hour – how much oil we were going through! We could finally prove, once and for all, whether we should leave that thermostat alone all day, or turn the heat down when we leave the house. The answer, incidentally, is it depends….so you’re going to have to see for yourself with your own gauge 😉.

Fast-forward a couple of years and we've built an entire company dedicated to the cause. Smart Oil Gauge is now available in hundreds of HVAC supply houses around the country, and has freed up thousands of homeowners from having to worry about oil, or lock into an unpredictable automatic delivery contract.

We’ve got more and more innovations in the pipeline, and the best customer support on the planet, so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Happy heating!